Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (OVCFA) assists the Chancellor in the fiscal and administrative management and operations of the university. The Vice Chancellor, with the help of the five other heads of the different offices, provides quality service in order to promote an efficient, effective, and responsive university.


Offices under the OVCFA

Accounting Office

The UPOU Accounting Office is steadfast in providing the financial information of the university. It is tasked to process claims for payment of obligations and expenditures, maintain the university’s books of accounts and financial records, as well as prepare, review and analyze the financial reports required by UPOU management and concerned government agencies and stakeholders.

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Cash Office

The UPOU Cash Office is responsible for the collection and disbursement function of the university. The office also deals with the overall safekeeping of checks and cash of the university, which includes accounting and records keeping of cash transactions subject to accounting and auditing purposes.

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Human Resources Development Office

The UPOU Human Resources Development Office (HRDO) is the central personnel office of the University that gives unwavering assistance in order to attain to goal and vision of the University by providing competent personnel.

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Supply and Property Management Office

The UPOU Supply and Property Management Office (SPMO) maintains and develops a sound supply and property management system for the university. It specifically deals with the planning, supervising, purchasing, receiving, issuing, storekeeping, and controlling the supplies of the university.

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Campus Development and Maintenance Office

The UPOU Campus Development and Maintenance Office (CDMO) is responsible for developing plans and strategies, as well as managing and supporting the basic functioning services of UPOU. It is also in charge of enforcing the policies, regulations, and guidelines for the proper care maintenance, and use of university facilities. This office promotes infrastructural development within the university in order to better serve the constituency and the community.

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